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Do You Really Know What To Do After An Accident?

We may think we know what to do after a serious, tense or traumatic accident, but with shock coupled with rushing adrenaline, many of us are likely not thinking clearly.

If you are injured in an auto accident, slip and fall or any other personal injury accident, making the right choice in the beginning can preserve your ability to recover compensation in a civil action.

Top 3 Actions To Take After An Accident

1. Seek Medical Treatment

Even if you suffered a minor injury — or don’t think you suffered an injury at all, getting medical treatment after any type of accident is extremely important. Neck or back injuries, for instance, often manifest days or weeks after the incident. A failure to seek immediate medical care can result in further injury. It can also bar your chances of recovering compensation against an at-fault party.

2. Record Evidence

Documenting your injuries, your environment and your surroundings can help with your legal claim. If the accident involved a motor vehicle collision, obtain the name, phone, insurance information and license plate number of the other driver.

3. Reach Out To An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of the severity of the incident, if you were involved in an auto accident or any other personal injury accident, speaking to a lawyer who has the expertise in handing accident cases cannot be stressed enough. An attorney can provide you guidance on steps to take to help preserve your ability to recover maximum compensation under the law.

Top 3 Things To NEVER Do After An Accident

1. Never Engage In Discussions About Fault With Another Party

Don’t apologize or admit fault to anyone at the scene of the incident. Any information you say can potentially hinder your ability to recover damages, even if you were not at fault.

2. Never Leave The Scene Of The Accident

Whether you feel the accident was nominal or your injuries are not severe, never leave the scene of an accident before contacting authorities. A police report can be essential in preserving your ability to file a legal claim in the future.

3. Never Speak In-Depth To An Insurance Adjuster

Insurance companies are not in business to give money away. Many fish for information to use against you at a later date, and some try to make you feel guilty into accepting a lowball settlement. Even if an insurance company offers you a settlement that seems great, do not agree to or sign anything until an attorney can evaluate your case.

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