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Uber is one of the biggest transportation network companies (TNCs) worldwide. The San Francisco-based startup has developed into a globally recognized brand with millions of customers. Uber has enjoyed a smooth ride to the top, all thanks to its new app-based ride-share service that has continuously offered excellent and convenient fares at cheap rates.
The rise of Uber comes with a lot of legal questions and uncertainties. Who handles the liabilities and damages that come with accidents involving Uber Drivers? Who pays for the injuries? It’s a tricky situation – one that requires the expertise of a personal injury lawyer. At Ariel Law Group, we boast a team of competent personal injury lawyers with the necessary knowledge to handle Uber accident lawsuits. With us, you can rest assured of getting the compensation you deserve.
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With an experienced California Uber Accident Attorney, you stand better chances of fighting your claims against the dodged and competent team of experts and investigators representing Uber’s insurance provider.  This increases your chances of getting the compensation you deserve for injuries sustained during an Uber accident.

We will be glad to provide you with customized legal solutions that meet your specific needs and ultimately help you get the compensation you deserve.  Our innovative litigation management techniques, data collection strategies, and legal and medical research techniques put us in the best position to achieve this.  With a multifaceted team of best-in-class experts and specialists, we conveniently handle every aspect of a case, including litigation, liens reduction, and medical treatment.  Our expertise has been leveraged over time by clients and fellow layers that needed more competent hands in their cases.

What happens when an Uber Vehicle gets into an accident?

  • Uber and Lyft are well-known to almost every millennial out there.  These multi-billion dollar global companies have continued to evolve and reshape the ride-sharing industry.  Their relevance in the industry is due to two main reasons – competitive rates and convenience.

    Uber and Lyft in California

    Smartphone ownership is the main point Lyft, Uber, and similar ride-sharing companies explore in delivering their services through their respective proprietary applications.  It is easy to assess personal transportation services offered by these companies from the comfort of your home using our smartphones.  Immediately after rider requests a ride, he/she is linked to the closest available driver, and they meet up at a convenient location.  This offers greater convenience compared to flagging down a taxi or waiting endlessly for one.

    The cheaper rates of Uber and Lyft rides, compared to other taxi services is another reason riders prefer them.  Lyft and Uber drivers are referred to as contract workers rather than employees.  Hence, payroll, gas, and other expenses can be externalized easily, which ultimately reduces costs and maximize profits.

    In addition to employees’ benefits and obligations, this system empowers Uber and Lyft to cut down on insurance liabilities, while incorporating intricate clauses in their different policies.

Who is liable for the total loss of the personal property, after getting into an accident with an Uber vehicle?

Uber and Lyft offer adequate coverage to their injured riders. However, there are exceptions when other drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians are involved.  Their individual coverage’s include accidents that happened during breaks between rides, although this is applicable only when the personal policy of a driver doesn’t cover the accident.

This leads to specific questions, such as;

  • What can be done when the damages from an accident is more than what the driver’s coverage can handle? How are such shortages dealt with? Should the victim resort to their personal resources?
  • If the liable driver was driving for commercial purposes, is the personal policy coverage of such driver effective? If not, who covers the resulting damages?

An Intricate Legal Issue

Now, more than ever, people are becoming increasingly aware of the complex legal issues associated with third-party liability insurance adopted in the ride-sharing industry.  Legislative Laws have continuously challenged the policies of Lyft, Uber, and similar ride-sharing services.  However, it doesn’t appear like we will see clear regulations on this anytime soon.

At Ariel Law Group, we have a team of experienced and competent attorneys that specializes in ride-sharing accident liability law.  You will find more information on our Uber and Lift liability page.


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